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Resumen Tours 2017 Review



2017 year review - Aztec Exolorers Year review Aztec Explorers In 2017, we organized 54 events with Aztec Explorers; 34 day trips departing from Mexico City, 5 longer trips and 15 events in Mexico City.


In this year review you can find and overview of all the events we organized last year and all the places we visited, most of them off the beaten track destinations in and around Mexico City :-).

Who are Aztec Explorers?

Aztec Explorers is the ´Travellers Club´ of Azteca Travel Tours Art; a small, registered travel agency in Mexico City. Owners Lidia Herrera (Mexican ) and Peter Winckers (Dutch ) go on most of the trips as coordinators and guides; Lidia is a certified tourist guide. We can also help you with all national and international travel packages ; ask us for a quote!! The details of all past and future trips can be found on Meetup – Aztec Explorers: https://www.meetup.com/es/AztecaTravelClub/

An interesting article about Aztec Explorers / Azteca Travel Tours Art can be found on Immersion Travel Magazine (half way the article). Let´s explore México together, and learn more about it´s unique places, it´s festivals, it´s people, it´s culture, it´s traditions, it´s music and it´s food, while making new national and international friends!! Most trips in small groups, in English and Spanish.

  • Tours Mexican Experiences with local and expert guides, visiting places that show you the heart and soul of th culture, folklore, history, gastronomy and the real Mexico. Tours and trips in and around Mexico City, day tours, walking tours, city tours, weekend tour and multi day tours. Explore Mexico the Mexican Way.

  • Realice Experiencias a la mexicana con guías locales y expertos, visitando lugares que le muestran el corazón y el alma de la cultura, el folklore, la historia, la gastronomía y el México real.

    Excursiones, Tours, Paseos, Caminatas en la ciudad de México y sus alrededores, excursiones y tours de un día, caminatas o paseos a pie, visitas dentro de la ciudad, o recorrido y tours de fin de semana o salidas de varios días. // Explora México al estilo mexicano. "A la Mexicana"